COVID-19 Information
Eagle Cliff Manor

COVID-19 Information

Thank you to everyone who made this journey in our facility through the pandemic – our teams (staff, contractors, vendors and providers) and the residents, family and friends. The Public Health Emergency for COVID-19 has ended as of May 11, 2023.

Our Guest book is now electronic on an iPad at the entrance. Should you choose to bypass the iPad, your actions affirm you have chosen you are fully educated and accept the risk of entering. We encourage you to use it as it allows us a possibility to contract trace versus testing the entire facility should a case be identified.

If you feel ill or have any symptoms that could lead to spreading illness to the residents, please consider visiting at a time when your symptoms are no longer present or wear a well-fitting mask. There is always risk of getting any virus or illness anywhere through the air or through contact. You are encouraged to practice good hygiene and core infection practices. If you visit a loved one in an area where there is a known case, we encourage you to wear a mask. Masks are available at the facility.

Education for vaccines, safe practices and other CDC information regarding COVID-19 is provided on CDC Website


Facility Visitation Level:
Mask Required

COVID-19 INFORMATION (updated 9/22/2023)

Current Positive Cases:
New-Onset Respiratory Illness >= 3 Staff/Residents:

Facility Phone number: 605-642-7736

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